Well, it's time to make the official announcement -

Fields of Harvest are no more!

For those of you who have been wondering, Thomas and Innes have now left Fields of Harvest due to personal commitments. In the meantime Iain and Callum have relocated to Glasgow and formed a new band - Poor Old Ben.

After a couple of months of feverish rehearsal, Poor Old Ben have now hit the road. Although currently playing mainly between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee there are plans afoot for a gig in Stornoway in early March 2002 with warm-up gigs along the way - Perth? Inverness? Ullapool?

To find out more about Poor Old Ben click here.

As a reminder of Fields of Harvest this [very] slimmed-down version of the original site will remain here for posterity, or until the domain name registration fee runs out at least...

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